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    • A Model-Based Development and Verification Framework for Distributed System-on-Chip Architecture 

      Niazi, Moazzam Fareed
      TUCS Dissertations : 171 (Turku Centre for Computer Science, 26.03.2014)
      The capabilities and thus, design complexity of VLSI-based embedded systems have increased tremendously in recent years, riding the wave of Moore’s law. The time-to-market requirements are also shrinking, imposing challenges ...
    • A Novel Structure of a Direct Methanol Fuel Cell: Design, Research and Assembly 

      Zheng, Wukui
      Turun yliopiston julkaisuja. Sarja AI, Chemica - Physica – Mathematica : 442 (Turun yliopisto, 17.08.2012)
    • A phonological and tonal analysis of Samue using Optimality Theory 

      Ouattara, Virpi
      Turun yliopiston julkaisuja. Sarja B, Humaniora : 400 (Turun yliopisto, 13.06.2015)
      The topic of the present doctoral dissertation is the analysis of the phonological and tonal structures of a previously largely undescribed language, namely Samue. It is a Gur language belonging to the Niger-Congo language ...
    • Adaptive Knobs for Resource Efficient Computing 

      Kanduri, Anil
      TUCS Dissertations : 236 (Turku Centre for Computer Science, 13.12.2018)
      Performance demands of emerging domains such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and vision, Internet-of-things etc., continue to grow. Meeting such requirements on modern multi/many core ...
    • Adaptive Routing Approaches for Networked Many-Core Systems 

      Ebrahimi, Masoumeh
      Turun yliopiston julkaisuja. Sarja AI, Chemica - Physica – Mathematica : 465 (Turun yliopisto, 28.06.2013)
      Through advances in technology, System-on-Chip design is moving towards integrating tens to hundreds of intellectual property blocks into a single chip. In such a many-core system, on-chip communication becomes a performance ...
    • Algorithmic Analysis Techniques for Molecular Imaging 

      Merisaari, Harri
      TUCS Dissertations : 217 (Turku Centre for Computer Science, 18.11.2016)
      This study addresses image processing techniques for two medical imaging modalities: Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), which can be used in studies of human body functions and anatomy ...
    • Algorithmic Solutions for Combinatorial Problems in Resource Management of Manufacturing Environments 

      Ráduly-Baka, Csaba
      TUCS Dissertations : 139 (Turku Centre for Computer Science, 07.10.2011)
      This thesis studies the use of heuristic algorithms in a number of combinatorial problems that occur in various resource constrained environments. Such problems occur, for example, in manufacturing, where a restricted ...
    • Algorithmic Techniques in Gene Expression Processing. From Imputation to Visualization 

      Tuikkala, Johannes
      TUCS Dissertations : 185 (Turku Centre for Computer Science, 20.11.2014)
      The amount of biological data has grown exponentially in recent decades. Modern biotechnologies, such as microarrays and next-generation sequencing, are capable to produce massive amounts of biomedical data in a single ...
    • Analysis and Life Cycle Assessment of Printed Antennas for Sustainable Wireless Systems 

      Kanth, Rajeev Kumar
      TUCS Dissertations : 165 (Turku Centre for Computer Science, 05.12.2013)
    • Applications of Industrial Statistics 

      Kankaanranta, Jarno
      Turun yliopiston julkaisuja. Sarja AI, Chemica - Physica – Mathematica : 450 (Turun yliopisto, 21.12.2012)
      This dissertation examines knowledge and industrial knowledge creation processes. It looks at the way knowledge is created in industrial processes based on data, which is transformed into information and finally ...
    • Automatic Pain Assessment by Learning from Multiple Biopotentials 

      Jiang, Mingzhe (Turun yliopisto, 28.11.2019)
      Kivun täsmällinen arviointi on tärkeää kivunhallinnassa, erityisesti sairaan- hoitoa vaativille ipupotilaille. Kipu on subjektiivista, sillä se ei ole pelkästään aistituntemus, vaan siihen saattaa liittyä myös ...
    • Biomedical Event Extraction with Machine Learning 

      Björne, Jari
      TUCS Dissertations : 178 (Turku Centre for Computer Science, 07.08.2014)
      Biomedical natural language processing (BioNLP) is a subfield of natural language processing, an area of computational linguistics concerned with developing programs that work with natural language: written texts ...
    • Chip and Signature Interleaving in DS CDMA Systems 

      Dudkov, Alexey
      TUCS Dissertations : 118 (Turku Centre for Computer Science, 30.05.2009)
    • A Co-Processor Approach for Efficient Java Execution in Embedded Systems 

      Säntti, Tero
      TUCS Dissertations : 108 (Turku Centre for Computer Science, 10.11.2008)
      This thesis deals with a hardware accelerated Java virtual machine, named REALJava. The REALJava virtual machine is targeted for resource constrained embedded systems. The goal is to attain increased computational performance ...
    • Cohesion Metrics for Improving Software Quality 

      Mäkelä, Sami
      TUCS Dissertations : 211 (Turku Centre for Computer Science, 24.05.2016)
      Abstract Software product metrics aim at measuring the quality of software. Modu- larity is an essential factor in software quality. In this work, metrics related to modularity and especially cohesion of the modules, ...
    • Computational methods and tools for protein phosphorylation analysis 

      Suni, Veronika
      TUCS Dissertations : 237 (Turun yliopisto, 05.04.2019)
      Signaling pathways represent a central regulatory mechanism of biological systems where a key event in their correct functioning is the reversible phosphorylation of proteins. Protein phosphorylation affects at least ...
    • Data analysis tools and methods for DNA microarray and high-throughput sequencing data 

      Laiho, Asta
      Turun yliopiston julkaisuja. Sarja AI, Chemica - Physica – Mathematica : 529 (Turun yliopisto, 09.01.2016)
      The recent rapid development of biotechnological approaches has enabled the production of large whole genome level biological data sets. In order to handle thesedata sets, reliable and efficient automated tools and methods ...
    • A Dependency Parsing Approach to Biomedical Text Mining 

      Pyysalo, Sampo
      TUCS Dissertations : 105 (Turku Centre for Computer Science, 06.09.2008)
      Biomedical research is currently facing a new type of challenge: an excess of information, both in terms of raw data from experiments and in the number of scientific publications describing their results. Mirroring the ...
    • Design and Analysis of Forward Error Control Coding and Signaling for Guaranteeing QoS in Wireless Broadcast Systems 

      Jokela, Tero
      TUCS Dissertations : 128 (Turku Centre for Computer Science, 08.10.2010)
      Broadcasting systems are networks where the transmission is received by several terminals. Generally broadcast receivers are passive devices in the network, meaning that they do not interact with the transmitter. Providing ...
    • Design for energy-efficient and reliable fog-assisted healthcare IoT systems 

      Nguyen Gia, Tuan
      TUCS Dissertations : 235 (Turku Centre for Computer Science, 10.12.2018)
      Cardiovascular disease and diabetes are two of the most dangerous diseases as they are the leading causes of death in all ages. Unfortunately, they cannot be completely cured with the current knowledge and existing ...