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    • Biosynthesis and evolution of anthracyclines 

      Nji Wandi, Benjamin
      Turun yliopiston julkaisuja - Annales Universitatis Turkuensis, Ser A I: Astronomica, Chemica, Physica, Mathematica : 649 (Turun yliopisto, 20.08.2021)
      Natural products are a rich source of medication leads, accounting for about twothirds of all antibiotics and one-third of all anticancer drugs currently in use. Anthracyclines, which belong to the type II family of aromatic ...
    • Data analysis tools for mass spectrometry proteomics 

      Suomi, Tomi
      Turun yliopiston julkaisuja. Sarja F, Technica - Informatica : 3 (Turun yliopisto, 17.08.2021)
      ABSTRACT Proteins are large biomolecules which consist of amino acid chains. They differ from one another in their amino acid sequences, which are mainly dictated by the nucleotide sequence of their corresponding genes. ...
    • Designing Location-based Games : How to support players’ social interaction, physical activity and learning about their local environment 

      Laato, Samuli
      Turun yliopiston julkaisuja - Annales Universitatis Turkuensis, Sarja F: Technica – Informatica : 4 (Turun yliopisto, 03.09.2021)
      The earliest academic studies on location-based games (LBGs) were conducted in the early 2000’s, but the recent upsurge in the popularity and success of commercial LBGs has created a need to re-examine the genre in light ...
    • Machine learning applications for censored data 

      Viljanen, Markus
      Turun yliopiston julkaisuja - Annales Universitatis Turkuensis, Ser F: Technica, Informatica : 1 (Turun yliopisto, 05.05.2021)
      The amount of data being gathered has increased tremendously as many aspects of our lives are becoming increasingly digital. Data alone is not useful, because the ultimate goal is to use the data to obtain new insights and ...
    • Novel bioprocessing for increasing consumption of Nordic berries 

      Kelanne, Niina
      Doctoral Theses in Food Sciences at The University of Turku : 82 (Turun yliopisto, 24.09.2021)
      Lingonberry is the highest yielding wild berry found in Finnish forests. Even though lingonberry is a commonly used berry in Finland, the annual harvesting rate is only approximately 10 % of the crop. Black currant is the ...
    • Sensitive and quantitative lateral flow tests – with upconverting nanoparticle reporter technology 

      Martiskainen, Iida
      Turun yliopiston julkaisuja - Annales Universitatis Turkuensis, Ser A I: Astronomica, Chemica, Mathematica : 645 (Turun yliopisto, 11.06.2021)
      Rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) can be used in settings where access to a central laboratory is limited. These settings include point-of-care (POC) diagnostics performed near a patient during a physician’s appointment or in ...