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    • Distortion properties of quasiconformal maps 

      Bhayo, Barkat Ali (Turun yliopisto, 14.05.2010)
      In this Licentiate thesis we investigate the absolute ratio δ, j, ˜j and hyperbolic ρ metrics and their relations with each other. Various growth estimates are given for quasiconformal mpas both in plane and space. Some ...
    • From the beginning of set theory to Lebesgue’s measure problem 

      Saarinen, Harto (Turun yliopisto, 16.01.2020)
      Descriptive set theory has its origins in Cantor’s work on pointsets in the 1870s. Cantor’s construction of real numbers and proof of the non-denumerability of real numbers were the first results towards a new theory. ...
    • Hyperbolic Type Geometries in Subdomains 

      Glader, Markus (Turun yliopisto, 20.03.2015)
      This Licentiate thesis deals with hyperbolic type geometries in planar subdomains. It is known that hyperbolic type distance is always greater in a subdomain than in the original domain. In this work we obtain certain ...