Aineistot 159-178 / 1222

      C-nukleosidi, emäspariutuminen [1]
      Cas9, C-nukleosidi, CRISPR-Cas, geenieditointi, Streptomyces [1]
      Cell cultures, Three-dimensional, Mesenchymal stem cells, Mononuclear cells [1]
      Charity campaigns, CSR, Sustainability [1]
      chemistry,tenebrescence,photochromism,X-ray,tape casting,hackmanite,kemia,tenebresenssi,fotokromismi,röntgen,hackmaniitti [1]
      Chinese, dependent autonomy, operational autonomy, state-society relationship, mass line model, corporatism, consultative authoritarianism, fragmented authoritarianism, administrative legitimacy, social organisation, civil society, [1]
      Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster,invented religions,parody religions,atheism,counterreligion,religion and secular,public–private distinction,discursive study of religion [1]
      Citation network, Main path analysis, Eigenvector centrality, Coupling [1]
      city bikes, GDPR, data protection, smart city, security, personal data processing, consent, privacy [1]
      CLASS, adhd, työrauha, rutiinit, käytänteet, piilo-opetussuunnitelma [1]
      clinical prediction models, big data, predictive analytics, healthcare industry, deployment strategy, critical success factors, project management, CRISP-DM, design science, CRISP-DM Deployment Extension for CPMs [1]
      clinical trial, ethical review process, Nordic countries [1]
      Cloud migration, hidden costs drivers, corporate banks, cloud economics [1]
      code-switching, Quebec English, markedness, marked, unmarked, metaphorical code-switching [1]
      collaborative software, web components, consistency maintenance, operational transformation [1]
      Communication apprehension, Second language acquisition, Foreign language anxiety, Professionalism, English as a foreign language [1]
      complex number, complex plane, cross-ratio, geometry, hyperbolic geometry, metric space, Möbius transformation, Poincaré disk model, triangular ratio metric, upper half-plane model [1]
      Computational chemistry, deltahedral germanium clusters, density functional theory, post-Hartree-Fock methods. [1]
      conferencing, kaupunkitutkimus, konfliktit, kontrolli, kriminologia, oikeussosiologia, restoratiivinen oikeus, rikokset, sovittelu, tukihenkilö [1]
      congestion, automation, machine learning, industry 4.0 [1]